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To work with MCL-Designer and MCL-Net you need a MCL-Mobility Platform Subscription Account. Please contact us for instructions on how to obtain your subscription.

Below is a list with the latest MCL-Agent version for all the supported devices, organized by Manufacturer.

Please download the compatible MCL-Agent package for your device(s).

Only MCL-Agent versions 4.08Pxx and above are compatible with MCL-Mobility Platform version 1.4.x.
Installing an incorrect version of MCL-Agent might result in errors when communicating with your MCL-Mobility Platform account. Create a ticket in our MCL Support Portal if you have any questions regarding the compatibility between MCL-Agent and your MCL-Mobility Platform setup.

Release Notes of MCL Products and SaaS Solutions

  • MCL-Mobility Platform

    Release Notes for MCL-Mobility Platform

Release Notes Documents are also containing Release Notes of previous versions

MCL-Technologies is constantly qualifying and validating devices to be added to the list of supported devices, please revisit our webpages on a regular base to be updated on newly added devices

Your MCL-Designer V4 will automatically add any newly added device to the device list (provided you are within a valid Update/Upgrade service window).

Create a ticket in our MCL Support Portal if you have any technical questions.

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